Photo left to right:      Rita, Frances, Eileen, Kathy, Mary

Imagination and emotion - these are the key themes that predominate through Eileen's work. Based on a grounding in watercolour techniques and later developing skills in oil painting she has been producing high quality work for over 10 years.

Which ever county she is in - most often Ireland or England - Eileen is drawn to water features, coastlines and natural forms. This is often a source for her developing works.

The use of both subtle and intensive colour palettes makes her work lively and interesting.

She will often use negative spaces to ensure the viewer uses their mind to fill in the gaps and therefore create their own story for the picture.

Rita studied at the renowned Goldsmith’s College, University of London and completed her foundation course in Art and Design.

Whilst there she enjoyed discovering works of the great masters and experimenting with different styles and media. At that time she specialised in graphic design which led her to an early career in marketing and communications.

More recently she returned to painting and now enjoys experimenting with colours. Most of her work is in oil, acrylics or watercolour. Multi media is a speciality.

The influence of graphic design can still be seen in her work through use of strong lines and dramatic shapes..

Rita lives in Yorkshire and much of her work is inspired by the beauty of the local countryside and stunning scenery of the nearby Lake District.

From penguins, to camels and minarets Kathy’s experiences of working in the Falklands, the Middle East and Africa inspire her paintings.

Like her travels, her brushstrokes are quick and vibrant.

She captures the spirit and drama in her lively fresh images.

Her approach varies depending on the subject, at times focussing on structures and distinguishing features. She always capturs the atmosphere  and character of the subject she paints.

Kathy also has a a gift for textile work. These are often individaul commissions. Her approach is using upcycled materials to avoid waste.

Blue features strongly in all of Mary’s work. 

Abstracts and dramatic shapes are her strength.

She spends a lot of time in Spain and those blue skies and seas feature in her work along with the influence of striking sunsets and her grandchildren.

Acrylics and using textures – including collages with other media – are the foundation of her works.

Her strong forms and distinctive marks make stunning pictures.

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